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Pulpit Fiction Podcast

Dec 29, 2013

Episode 44: Happy EpiphaNewYears! or Christmastide 2A 

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Dec 15, 2013

For Sunday, December 22

Episode 42

Welcome to the Pulpit Fiction Podcast, where two local pastors discuss the lectionary reading for the week.  We are well aware that “What” is not a country, and we’ll try not to say it again. This is episode 42 for Sunday December 22, Advent 4A. We will be discussing: 

Dec 9, 2013

SHOW NOTES -  12/15/2013

Opening Music: 12 Days by Straight No Chaser

For Sunday, December 15
Episode 41
Welcome to the Pulpit Fiction Podcast.  This is the podcast for those that looked up Ezekiel 25:17, and were...

Dec 1, 2013

SHOW NOTES -  12/8/2013
Why Can’t I find a Kingdom like that?

Opening Music: Jesse’s Girl by Rick Springfield

For Sunday, December 8

Episode 40
Matthew 3:1-12 - John the Baptizer
Isaiah 11:1-10 - Root of Jesse


  • A Long...