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Pulpit Fiction Podcast

Nov 10, 2013

SHOW NOTES -  11/17/2013

THE END (of year C) IS NEAR!

Opening Music: Bang on the Drum All Day by Todd Rundgren
For Sunday, November 17
Episode 37 - Proper 28C / Ordinary 33C / 26 weeks after Pentecost


  • Second to last week of year C- thinking of Advent?
  • Movember!

Primary Scripture -– Luke 21:5-19  - Warning of Temple and persecution

  • Interesting passage for pre-Thanksgiving post Stewardship
  • The riches of the temple are not important - they will be thrown down (but my words will not pass away v 33)
  • The following is a response to the disciples question:
    • False prophets claiming the time is near
    • Wars
    • Earthquakes
    • famines
    • plagues
    • Persecution
    • betrayal
    • in short - YOU WILL NOT KNOW!
    • The disciples are not asking about the end time, but of the destruction of the temple- all of which happened in 70 CE about 20 years before the Gospel of Luke was written.
      • There is a triumphal arch in Rome depicting the sacking of Jerusalem in 70 CE.
      • Josephus discusses a comet in the sky at the fall of the temple
      • Rome surrounded Jerusalem before besieging and sacking it
      • What should amazing us? The beauty of the temple or the love and grace of God?
  • “Do not be terrified”
    • So much fear about the end of the world
      • terrorism
      • global warming
      • ZOMBIES!
    • Opportunity
  • Endurance- steadfast faithfulness
    • not “"Let us eat and drink, for tomorrow we die" (Isa. 22:13; 1 Cor. 15:32)
    • Thomas Jefferson Learning Greek on his death bed
    • Martin Luther planting his apple tree on judgement day - remain vigilant
  • We are not in control. Only God is.
  • How do we testify in the midst of persecution?
  • We are called to be faithful and to trust God- are we content with trusting God?
  • Song connections:

Secondary scripture - 2 Thessalonians 3:6-13 - Warning against idleness

  • Cannot remove 2 Thess from historical context
    • There is a challenging question surrounding 2 Thessalonians: “What significance does this letter have for the life of the church two millennia after its composition?  [It] plainly reflects an atmosphere in which believers are experiencing persecution.  The situation has become so intense that some believers cope with it by imagining that the “day of the Lord is already here” (2:2), while others refuse to participate in the world of work (3:6-16).  The author probably imagines that his enraged reminders about God’s inevitable justice will serve to comfort his audience; however, those same reminders sound a harsh note for readers removed from [its] time and situation.”  Beverly Roberts Gaventa (Interpretation: First and Second Thessalonians, p. 95) 
    • Rep. Kevin Cramer quoted this verse in response to someone posting Matthew 25:36-43 on his Facebook page
      • Using this passage to moralize against the poor is to misuse the text.  This ignores the whole of Scripture that commends people to give away their wealth in support of the poor.  
      • This cannot be used as proof that poor people are lazy, and should thus be ignored (or worse).  The ultimate goal of this admonition is to bring the people back into the community.
  • First two chapters deal with outside pressure and reliance upon God.  Chapter 3 shifts to inner workings of the community.
    • Warning against idleness and undisciplined
      • Beverly Gaventa, in Texts for Preaching, stresses that ataktos is about behavior that is “insubordinate or irresponsible” (p. 599).
      • Idleness takes the shape of eating the food of others, but it goes to a deeper motivation that is detrimental to the community.
      • Especially in times of persecution, both physical and economic, this behavior goes deeper than being “lazy.”
    • Unknown motivation for this behavior
      • Is it linked to thinking “The day of the Lord has come”? So there is no need to put in the work for a long-term commitment?
      • Are they so discouraged by persecution that there is no motivation to participate.
  • Being a part of the community requires something in return.
    • Appeals to “tradition,” of the apostles.
    • There are responsibilities that come along with being part of the community
    • Adam Hamilton paraphrase: “Your privileges are revoked upon membership.  You lose the good parking place. You lose the good seats.  You lose the good worship times.”
    • Michael Kinnamon paraphrase: “What is your responsibility as a person in the community to participate in the act of worship?  You are cheating others of your presence, gifts, and talents when you are not at the table.”
    • putting their own food on the table, not their table - the communal table
    • The question should not be, “Do I need to go to church today?” but instead, “Who needs me to be there in worship today?”
  • Being judgmental vs using good judgment
    • To a comfortable, middle class Christian, this seems like advice to be the worst kind of Christian.
      • Feel like passive-aggressive shunning.
    • Being judgmental is not a Christian virtue.  Jesus warned against pointing out the speck in your neighbor’s eye.
    • What about when one’s actions are detrimental to the community?
      • This advice does not include public shame
      • All directions are to reminders to keep the faith, not to admonish those that are struggling.
      • The “undisciplined life” includes “meddling in other people’s business.”

Closing - Get Together by the Youngbloods
TY: listeners

Opening music:Bang on the Drum All Day by Todd Rundgren
Transition Music: Get Together by the Youngbloods
Theme Music: Dick Dale and the Deltones “Misirlou”
TY: Closing music, Paul and Storm, “Oh No”

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