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Pulpit Fiction Podcast

Jun 12, 2017

Romans with Beverly Gaventa!

Beverly Gaventa is the Distinguished Professor of New Testament at Baylor University. She earned an MDiv from Union Theological Seminary, and a PhD from Duke. She is the professor emerita at Princeton Theological Seminary and past President of the Society of Biblical Literature. She is the author or editor of:

  1. When in Romans: An Invitation to Linger with the Gospel According to Paul (2016)
  2. Our Mother Saint Paul (2007)
  3. Abingdon New Testament Commentaries: Acts (2003)
  4. First and Second Thessalonians: Interpretation: A Bible Commentary for Teaching and Preaching
  5. MARY Glimpses of the Mother of Jesus (1999)
  6. From Darkness to Light: Aspects of Conversion in the New Testament (1986)