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Pulpit Fiction Podcast

Oct 19, 2014

Commentary and Notes

  1. 1 Thessalonians 2:1-8
  2. Matthew 22:34-46

Featured Musician:Dan Holmes

Voice in the Wilderness: Nelson Pierce

Oct 12, 2014

Discussion of text for Proper 24A/Ordinary 29A/Pentecost +19A:

Featured Musician: Amy Cox.

Show Notes...

Oct 5, 2014

Commentary and Show Notes

  1. Exodus 32:1-14
  2. Matthew 22:1-14

Featured Musician: Jennifer Knapp

Oct 3, 2014

We sat down with Jennifer over a warm cup of Skype to talk about Australian football, unexpected worship, her upcoming book Facing the Music: My Story and her upcoming album, Set Me Free.


Jennifer's Blog