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Pulpit Fiction Podcast

Sep 28, 2014

For Sunday October 5, 2014

Discussion of text for Proper 22A/Ordinary 27A/Pentecost +17A:


Featured Musician: 

Sep 21, 2014

For Sunday September 28, 2014

Discussion of text for Proper 21A/Ordinary 26A/Pentecost +16A:


Featured Musician: My Anchor Holds, “Dirty Jesus,” from their album of the same name. Learn more about them at follow them

Sep 18, 2014

We sat down with Christian over a warm cup of Skype to talk about Walter White, Huey Lewis and the News, whether Jesus was a jerk, and his new book postChristian: What's left? Can we fix it? DO we care?


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Sep 14, 2014

For Sunday September 21, 2014

Discussion of text for Proper 20A/Ordinary 25A/Pentecost +15A:


Featured Musician: Bryan Sirchio, “Worms in the Bread” from his album Worms in the Bread. You can find out more about his music at 

Sep 7, 2014

For Sunday September 14, 2014

Discussion of text for Proper 19A/Ordinary 24A/Pentecost +14A:

Featured Musician: The River’s Voice, Trish and Richard  Bruxvoort Colligan,