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Pulpit Fiction Podcast

Oct 26, 2014

For Sunday November 2, 2014

Discussion of text for Proper 26A/Ordinary 31A/Pentecost +21A:


Featured Musician: 

  • The Steel Wheels, “Lay Down Lay Low” off their album of the same name. More of their music at,

Oct 19, 2014

For Sunday October 26, 2014

Discussion of text for Proper 25A/Ordinary 30A/Pentecost +20A:


Featured Musician: 

  • "My Brother's Keeper" by Dan Holmes frm his album Have a Little Faith. More about Dan and his music at Follow him...

Oct 12, 2014

For Sunday October 19, 2014

Discussion of text for Proper 24A/Ordinary 29A/Pentecost +19A:


Featured Musician: 

Oct 3, 2014

We sat down with Jennifer over a warm cup of Skype to talk about Australian football, unexpected worship, her upcoming book Facing the Music: My Story and her upcoming album, Set Me Free.


Jennifer's Blog